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Koh Samui & Online

For those travelling to or living on the beautiful island of Koh Samui - a holistic approach to fitness, in Koh Samui's newest CrossFit box


Online 1:1 personal training 

Personal Training Samui

Building the body you want is about more than just building muscle and shredding a few kg's. Our physical wellbeing is just one aspect of how we feel and how we move through life. 


The way we breathe, how we speak to ourselves, how we spend our downtime and what we put in our mouth - they all define how we feel in our bodies and what our future will look like. 

Create healthy habits, starting with your mindset.

Let me teach you how to move properly, and set your future self up for success.

Get flexible, strong and feel good in your body!

Single session 2,000THB

5-pack 9,000 THB

10-pack 16,000 THB



Koh Samui Training camp / CrossFit

126, 14, Bophut, Koh Samui 84320



Fitness Koh Samui
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